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tbc fm studioBUSATI: Time – 06.00, 60 mins, hrs Daily
Reading News papers headlines in brief, reports from different Regions, Discussion through phoning

SALAAM NA PONGEZI: Time – 09.00hrs, 60 Mins, Monday to Friday
Sending greetings SMS to their friends, relatives plus Music and call in and headlines

 BONGO EXPRESS: Time – 14.00 hrs, 60 mins, Monday to Friday
Bongo Flava music programme and interview with an artist whose song played

 LADHA ZA AFRIKA MASHARIKI: Time – 17.00 hrs, 180 mins, Monday to Friday
Popular Music from East Africa like Hip-hop, Taqeu dance halls, Bongo flavour

SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Time – 20.00 hrs, 30 mins, Monday to Friday
It is a half hour programme of sports from all over the world and from within the country with music. 

MUSIC MIX: Time - 5.00hrs, 60 mins, Monday to Friday
A programme that contains varieties of music from different countries

BUNGA BONGO: Time – 21.00 hrs, 60 mins, Monday to Friday
Quiz programme goes with music 

NJOZI NJEMA: Time – 22.00 hrs, 90 mins, Monday to Friday 
In the programme, people send their greetings to their loved ones to wish them pleasant night. Smooth music, jazz, blues and also a bit of decent pillow talks accompany the programme.

MAGOMA TIME: Time- 01.00 hrs, 120 mins, Monday to Friday
Different types of music and call from listeners

MWAMBAO TYM: Time – 06.00 hrs, 120mins, Saturday
This programme features Modern Taarab Music.

FLASH BACK: Time – 8.00 hrs, 120 mins, Sunday
Old English music, funky, Boogie, Chacha, Rumba

PATAPATA TYM: Time – 12.00 hrs, 120 mins, Saturday
This programme features music from East Africa. In the programme, the history of the arist that the music is being played will be presented.

VINJARI : Time – 04.00 hrs, 120, mins, Saturday
Call in programme whereby listeners choose their favourite music

SEBENE TYM: Time – 12.00 hrs, 120 mins, Sunday
Mix of Zaire and Tanzanian music

MUSIC BARA HINDI: Time – 22hrs, 120 mins, Friday
Music that was played in Indian movies and history of actors

TOP 20: Time – 12.00hrs, 120 mins, Sunday
20 top songs from within and outside the country

KIJIWENI : Time - 02.00 hrs,60 mins, Saturday
It is a programme concerned with language that is used by the youths in their hangouts, what it means and also why they use it instead of proper Swahili words.

MCHAKAMCHAKA Time – 03.00 hrs, 60 min, Sunday
Programme on Social welfare issues

UMEINYAKA: Time – 09.00 hrs, 60 mins, Saturday
This programme aims at informing the public on certain things that are abnormal. Things that cant be explained. 

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