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Sample imageThe Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) was launched on the 26 March, 2008 at a well-attended function officiated by His Excellency Jakaya Kikwete, President of the United Republic of Tanzania. The occasion was held at the Television centre, known as TBC One, in Mikocheni Dar es Salaam.TBC One is situated in the former Audio Visual Institute (AVI) premises, which was established under an agreement signed in Dar es Salaam on 27th November, 1970 between the Governments of Denmark and Tanzania.

TBC One has its roots from the National television - - in Kiswahili, Televisheni ya Taifa - - which started trial transmission in 1999 under an emergency situation after the sudden death of Father of the Nation Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere at a London hospital on 14th October, 1999. The Government thought it was appropriate to show the nation most of the activities towards funeral services in Dar es Salaam and in Butiama.
Official broadcasting started on the 15th March 2000 when the first news bulletin went on air. The first TV news presenter was former Director of Radio Tanzania, Mr. David Wakati.


Joe Mpunguliana, the person who spearheaded formation of TvT in his capacity as Director of AVI and Acting Head of TvT.

Radio broadcasting in the East African country goes back to the colonial period when on July 1st, 1951 a small radio station was established at Kichwele Street, now housing a beer manufacturing company, Tanzania Breweries in Ilala District. The radio station was known as Sauti ya Dar es Salaam, meaning the Voice of Dar es Salaam. In August, 1955 the British colonial government brought in new and more powerful transmitters, which covered not only Dar es Salaam but also other provinces (regions).At that time (1955) the colonial government changed the name from Sauti ya Dar es Salaam to Tanganyika Broadcasting Services (TBS). A year later on July first 1956 the station changed its name from TBS to Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation, (TBC).

Nine years later on March 17th, 1965 the National Assembly passed a bill changing the name of the broadcaster from TBC to Radio Tanzania Dar es Salaam (RTD).The name was changed officially on the 1st of July, 1965 after the changes were published in the official gazette. In 1999 the 3rd Phase Government established the national Television (TvT) at Mikocheni. Four years later in 2002 passed an order merging Radio Tanzania Dar es Salaam and Televisheni ya Taifa to form a corporate board known as Tanzania Broadcasting Services (TBS) in Kiswahili Taasisi ya Utangazaji Tanzania (TuT).The merger was implemented in 2004, although each media house remained with its name - RTD and TvT respectively. It operated more on the government system, which had some limitations on the operations of the media houses, especially now that Tanzania is under multi-party politics.

Towards the end of 2006 The Government made changes in the top leadership of the organization, bringing on board Dustan Tido Mhando, as Director General of TuT, taking over from Samwilu Mwaffisi. A new Board of Directors was also appointed with Ferdinand Kamuntu Ruhinda as Board Chairperson. Other members of the Board are Salvatory Rweyemamu and Deputy Chairman, Kassim Mpenda, Prof. Mwajabu Kachenje Possi, Prof. Henry Ngombelo, Agnes Bukuku, Hassan Mitawi and Dominic Mahundi.

With multiparty politics in the East African country taking shape, TuT
Management suggested to the Board of Directors to look into the possibility of changing the name of the Corporation in order to operate as a real public broadcaster. The proposal was endorsed and on 26th March 2008, the institution was renamed Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation, with TBC One being the television centre at Mikocheni area, Kinondoni District.

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